In 1981, my wife Connie Cook Smith, experienced a beauteous UFO over her neighborhood. Others also observed it, and - she learned later - the police clocked it hovering there for 90 minutes. In the days and months that followed, she kept hearing lovely music in her head, which she wrote in her journal with little dots going up and down, a sort of melody line. 

Connie enjoyed international acclaim in 1990 when she was featured on the front page of the September 4th edition of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL. The WSJ article generated dozens of interviews on radio and television - CNN, CBS's This Morning Show, Unsolved Mysteries, Nightside in Washington D.C. - as well as an onslaught of bags of mail from all over the world.

An article containing much of her experiences was published in Connecting Link magazine (issue #13, 1991). 

"UFOs - A Transformational Miracle" 

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Her complete story is sold here.


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From the audio..."The next thing I remember I found myself standing stock still in front of an upstairs window starring at an ethereally beautiful white light that was hovering outside the house. There was a moment that I thought perhaps it was a lovely star refracting the light like a diamond, and yet I knew that it was too big and too close to be that kind of celestial object."