(A Daily Exercise of Self-Respect)

"All of humanity's misery stems from the inability to sit still, be quiet,

and do nothing." - Pascal

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(Reading time approximately 5-15 minutes.)


Allow yourself a brief amount of private time, everyday, to sit, be quiet and nurture yourself.

Choose to care for yourself.

Choose to give to yourself positive attention 

and be a friend to yourself.



DO NOTHING = NURTURING SELF...because in doing nothing it is then easier to discover the submerged depth of beauty that does exist inside you that needs and yearns to be acknowledged, felt, and nurtured.

Thus allowing your innate goodness and joy to bubble up naturally.

By feeding/nurturing ourselves, can we then feel our own innate goodness.

And, conversely, by feeling our own innate goodness, simply by being willing to, 

do we then feed/nurture ourselves.


Your unique and essential innate goodness can never be taken away from you by anything 

from either the outside or inside of you.


"I need do nothing"


I'm free to do anything with integrity!


I need get nothing


I'm free to get anything with integrity!


I need think nothing


 I'm free to think anything with integrity!


"HO, I am full."


Like an empty chair receiving your body,

be willing to allow yourself to be receptive,

 doing nothing.


"Be a human being, not a human doing."



Nurturing is also like the tails side of this coin.

Heads side being the opposite of Nurturing.



Forgive yourself (Give-for yourself kindness),

thus making the simple choice of being kind toward yourself.

(Example - "I'm doin' the best I can," and "Of course I feel the way I do!")

"To err is human,

to forgive is divine."

For those who find it difficult to feel divine concider...

To err is normal,

to forgive is natural.

Being kind and accepting of the reality of my ordinary imperfect humanness,

ironically can make it easier to experience the potential reality of my extraordinary perfect divinity.

Thus, making it possible for my humanness to embrace my sacredness.


Be willing to embrace self-acceptance

as opposed to self-improvement.

Entertain the idea that there is no lack and therefore nothing improve or prove.



Being that it is impossible for the mind to know everything,

momentarily be willing to let go of the need to know things, to figure things out.

Temporarily be comfortable with not knowing.

Not knowing = a far deeper kind of knowing.


Be willing to feel grateful that life ~

after all of its own good and bad ~

is ultimately friendly (from my own personal experience),

feeling worthy to participate in this friendliness.

Continue to feel grateful for the existence of...

Now - Myself






These ideas could go on, and on, and on...


Be willing to accept the idea that you have good reasons for how you authentically feel.

Be willing to accept yourself as you are right now.

Be willing to feel respect for yourself.

Be willing to feel that you belong, for...

this world would be incomplete without you.


Being that giving and receiving are actually interchangeable, equal, circular, 

consider allowing receiving unconditional love within yourself FIRST,

THEN authentically giving unconditional love to others comes naturally.

Like a fountain receives water from a source FIRST,

THEN easily and naturally it is able to give it's beauty.


        Be willing to momentarily let go of


Be willing to nurture yourself by knowing that you ALWAYS

(in all times & in all places)

have a choice.


*Give a sigh of relief. *


After I spend time with these Nurturing thoughts,

I like to close my eyes and...


do (internally),

be active (in my mind and heart),

and give good thoughts to 

1) others 

2) myself.

For example, what I say internally is: (feel free to come up with your own)


"I see (name) glowing with the light of God...

while soaking in (name's) miraculous body

this glow of God is

permeating every atom

saturating every cell

dissolving all disease

relieving all pain.


While radiating this glow of God from within...

(name's) miraculous self

is more aware of God's wonderful presence.


Or I may say...

(Name's) innate goodness can never ever be taken away from (Name).


Or I may say...




Then, directly after I pray/affirm I... 

meditate/nurture self,

do nothing (or do as little as possible, internally),

be inactive (in my mind and heart),

receive good thoughts from myself

be easily and simply watchful, alert, neutral, and aware of everything coming into my senses 

from this present moment.



Inspired by my wife Connie Cook







             Spherical time, not linear time.

             Free time, not enslaved time.

             Now also implies HERE: the space our physical body occupies.

             Thus, both the now and here, is freedom of time and space.

1) obserER

2) observED

3) observING

Therefore, awareness seems to be the non-physical activity of observING yet containing the physical observER and observED 

and thus linking the physical with the non-physical into a complete and living dynamic.